Specifications, Care and Maintenance

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1 Year Limited Waranty

The Frog Light has a limited warranty of one year. It does not cover wear and tear or damage to the Frog Light. We warrant the Frog Light to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the product’s applicable warranty. Croker Oars will repair or replace any defective product or part when notified within the warranty period and will return. Warranties are measured from the date of purchase by the first consumer end user.

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Fast Facts


  • Dimensions: 185mmL x 100mmW x 50mmH
  • Re-chargeable.
  • Will operate continuously for a minimum of 24 hours before requiring recharging.
  • Will turn ON and OFF when natural light levels determine it is necessary.
  • Will turn OFF when turned upside down (i.e. when your boat is off the water and on the rack, it will not flash).
  • Red LED indicates that the unit requires charging as soon as possible.
  • Green LED indicates when you have correctly attached the charging unit and therefore the unit is charging.


The Frog Light uses twelve white LEDs to form a 250° array of light.

It is therefore necessary to fit two (2) Frog Lights,

one at each end of your boat in order to comply with maritime requirements.


Your Frog Light does not need to be opened for re charging.

Charging should only be performed using a charger supplied by Croker Oars.

Lights will require regular charging

A Red LED will indicate when charging is required. The light will continue to work in this state for a short period of time, however the light must be charged as soon as possible to ensure that it continues to work as intended.   

When charging, a Green LED will illuminate when being charged correctly. This light does not indicate when charging is complete.

From low battery (Red LED), lights will require a full 30 hour charge cycle to return to full capacity.   


The Frog Light is supplied with re chargeable batteries. In order to ensure that your Frog Light continues to work for season after season, you must ensure that your batteries are maintained correctly. Never allow your lights to run completely flat, as it is likely that the batteries will not recover. Frog Lights MUST be stored upside down and should never be left without charging for a period of greater than three months.


Designed to withstand use on rowing boats. It is not indestructible and should not be dropped. If you drop your Frog Light it must be checked for damage to the housing to ensure that it still operates correctly, prior to it being used again. If the light shows any signs of damage, you should check that it is not leaking.

Maintenance Requirements

Lights will be almost maintenance free as long as they are treated with relative care.

Velcro should be kept clean and free from foreign objects to ensure that a good bond is made each time.

When required, wipe over the lights with a damp cloth to remove excessive build up of salt or dirt particles.

Should you notice any evidence of moisture inside of the unit, you must return it to Croker Oars as soon as possible

Fitting to Rowing Boats

Frog Light has been supplied with sufficient Velcro to attach to your boat.

Light should be fitted at a point on either bow or stern canvas where light does not effect the rowers vision, whilst illuminating as much of the boat as possible.

The canvas ‘shape’ in each boat class, each boat mould and each boat manufacturer will vary and therefore the most practical location to meet the above guidelines must be determined before fitment.


This navigation light has been manufactured specifically for the boating environment. The Frog Light has been tested for leaks prior to delivery, however the Frog light cannot be submerged in water and is not warrantied against water damage. Therefore, please ensure that you regularly check your lights for internal moisture and should you find any evidence of water inside your Frog Light, you must return it to Croker Oars without delay.