Frog Light
Available in pairs or singles


  • Auto ON/OFF depending on light conditions
  • Turns OFF when rolled over
  • Tough
  • Water proof and floats
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • 1 year warranty

In the early hours of the morning when training is the only thing on your mind you can be sure the frog light will turn on automatically and be ready to go on the water.

The frog light is fully automatic, it turns itself on and off depending on the lighting conditions and when the boat is turned upside down in the boat shed it turns off.

No need for switches and to remember to turn it off, it’s all done for you. (So the coxswain never gets the blame again for flat batteries.)

This handy light is fully enclosed and floats, nice to know in case of capsize. The battery is long lasting and is easy to be recharged. (20 hour tricke charge for long life.)

Attach to boat with waterproof tough velcro.

185mm long x 100mm wide x 50mm high